Xbox wants to know what you want to improve with Microsoft Rewards | Xbox One

As evidenced by messages on our Discord rooms, many of you use Microsoft Rewards to earn points to convert into gifts, games or subscriptions. While the program has just been extended to 38 new countries, the Xbox teams want to know if what you would like to improve in this service.

Community feedback to improve Microsoft Rewards

Daniel Martins, Head of Loyalty for Xbox Marketing Teams, asks Xbox players using Microsoft Rewards two questions today:

  • What do you like about Xbox Rewards that we should continue to do or do more?
  • What don’t you like about today’s program that we need to fix/improve immediately?

Many answers have been given on Twitter and the service is generally appreciated by users.

Among the improvements to be made, there are several points that come up quite regularly:

  • There are still many points bugs or badly validated quests
  • The drop in collected points is not desirable
  • Add longer Xbox Game Pass subscriptions
  • Don’t expire Rewards so you don’t lose them
  • Make Rewards more focused on games and less on opening apps and other quizzes

If you have any other suggestions for improving Microsoft Rewards, please share them! For his part, Daniel Martins says he has received more than 900 comments and thanks the Xbox community for putting Microsoft “challenged to do better every day”.

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