Xbox Game Pass: a family offer is coming

Since its launch in 2017, the Xbox Game Pass has continued to attract more and more players. Currently, with three offers in place (Game Pass, Game Pass PC and Game Pass Ultimate), Microsoft’s service has more than 26 million subscribers. For several months, the American firm has managed to negotiate very good partnerships with third-party publishers, making it possible to have games like Rainbow Siw Extraction (Ubisoft) and soon A Plague Tale Requiem (Asobo Studio) from day one in the catalog of the Gamepass.

But that is not enough for Microsoft, which intends to do even more and make its service, and therefore, video games, even more accessible. This is why, for the past few days, a new “family” offer has been on trial in certain countries. An option that could really hurt the competition and become ultra advantageous for players.

One Game Pass subscription, five active accounts!

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It’s been several months that rumors evoked the arrival of a fourth offer for the Game Pass. It is now a reality. Xbox Insider members in Ireland and Colombia have been able to preview the Xbox Game Pass family offer for the past few days.

This new formula allows you to share your Game Pass subscription with five members of your family or friends. For the moment, no price has been revealed, however, in the conditions, Microsoft specifies that one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is converted into 18 days of Xbox Game Pass Family. We can therefore deduce that a month of Game Pass Family should cost around €22, or €10 more than Game Pass Ultimate. This would therefore cost less than €5 per month and per person. Just amazing.

But for this price, what are the conditions?

  • A subscription allowing five people to benefit from the Xbox Game Pass family subscription
  • No content is shared between members. So each player who is part of the subscription has unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content and benefits.
  • For players in Ireland and Colombia who want to test this offer, you should know that the people with whom it is possible to share membership do not have to be “Xbox Insiders”, but must reside in the same country as the players who test the service.
  • Joining Game Pass – Insider Preview will convert the remaining time of current subscriptions to the new plan, based on the monetary value of the old subscription.
  • The conversion is final and users must wait until their new subscription expires before switching back to a previous subscription.
  • Conversion is not available for invited members in a group. Before joining a group, a group member can cancel their existing subscription or wait for it to expire.
  • If invited members do not have a Microsoft account, invited friends and family will need to create a new Microsoft account and sign in to participate.
  • Xbox All Access members cannot participate in this test.
  • In Colombia, some parts of the preview have not been localized and may be displayed in English.

Thus, with the Game Pass Family, the five players have access to all the advantages of the Game Pass Ultimate. Here is a little reminder to realize the striking power of this formula which would cost around €5 per month only per person.

Offer computer Game Pass Ultimate
Subscription 1 month 1 month 1 month
Brackets computer Xbox Series X/S – Xbox One Xbox Series X/S – Xbox One – PC
Approximate Number of Games Approx. 150 games Approx. 300 games Approx. 450 games
Other option Games With Gold
Other option (2) Xbox Live
Other option (3) XCloud
Other option (4) EA Play
Price 9.99€ €9.99 €12.99

For the moment, we absolutely do not know if the test will be conclusive or not, nor if this offer will eventually arrive in France and everywhere in the rest of the world.

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