Xbox Game Pass – 8 games join Microsoft’s subscription offer by the end of August

And a lot of day one for the occasion.

The summer holidays are slowly coming to an end unfortunately. Sorry… Nevertheless, the positive point is that it will always be possible to enjoy very nice titles, the end of the year looking rather promising, even if many games have suffered the horrors of the postponement…

But if you’re in a hurry, Microsoft has just presented a new salvo of titles approaching the Xbox Game Pass. And as always, there will be plenty to do even if, this time, the departures trend will be stronger than the arrivals trend…

Already available:

coffee talk (on consoles, PC and Cloud): We’re not going to hide it, a good little coffee never hurts. But in a game is it the same? Well the opportunity will be to find out with this title which offers to serve a whole host of customers to listen to their stories.

From August 23:

Midnight Fight Express (on consoles, PC and Cloud): Dying isn’t terrible, terrible… we’ll be honest, even if no one ever had the opportunity to complain about it. But dying and being brought back to life is interesting. It’s even more so when it comes to enjoying it through a title that promises to be packed with action, fights and gunfire… But that, we’ll check on its release. day one.

From August 25:

Exapunks (on PC): After hosting Shenzhen I/O, a new title from Zachtronics is coming to Xbox Game Pass. And on the program, no surprise, a new puzzle game in a visual genre and a very particular universe…

Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition (on consoles and PC): Visual novel recognized by the community, the title of SIGONO offers to dive into a galactic journey in which love comes to interfere.

From August 30:

Commandos 3 HD Remaster (on consoles, PC and Cloud): Originally released in 2003, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin plunged into the Second World War in the company of a squad of elite soldiers. The umpteenth installment in a cult series, this episode offered a little more action than its predecessors without forgetting the tactical roots of course. And today, its HD remastering is back to supplement a now very distant Desperados III. And it will be day one on the Xbox Game Pass.

immortality (on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Cloud): Again, there is talk of a title that will be released day one on the Xbox Game Pass. A live action title that will ask you to find Marissa Marcel, movie star. Intriguing, Immortality is the work of Sam Barlow to whom we owe Her Story.

Immortal Fenyx Rising (on PC, consoles and Cloud): Ubisoft game not necessarily the most rated, Immrotal is nonetheless a very nice title which was inspired by what Breath of the Wild had put forward before. But between its humorous mythology, its charming world and its multiple puzzles, it is nonetheless a game with a strong personality that deserves to be surveyed.

Tinykin (on consoles and PC): Finally, because it had to end on a note of day one, it will be a question of living a particular adventure in the company of Milo who, landed on Earth in 1991, discovers that the planet is empty of life . But he can count on his wealthy partners, the Tinykin to brave the pitfalls. Curious to see more.

Finally, as we said earlier, the Xbox Game Pass will experience a big wave of departures. However, you have until August 31 to take advantage of them:

Elite Dangerous (on consoles and cloud)

Hades (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

Myst (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

NBA 2K22 (on consoles and cloud)

Signs of the Sojourner (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

Spiritfarer (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

Twelve Minutes (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

Two Point Hospital (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

What Remains of Edith Finch (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

World War Z (on consoles, PC and Cloud)

There you go, you know everything about Xbox Game Pass at the end of August.


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