Xbox: Bethesda unveils (and releases) Hi-Fi Rush, new Microsoft exclusive from the creators of The Evil Within!

Game News Xbox: Bethesda unveils (and releases) Hi-Fi Rush, new Microsoft exclusive from the creators of The Evil Within!

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The little Microsoft showcase held last night housed a very nice surprise: the brand new title from Tango Gameworks, the studio behind games that had been rather horrific until then. And imagine that the firm has decided to opt for a totally different genre and atmosphere, already accessible via the Xbox Game Pass!

We will rock you

Last night, Microsoft held a showcase eagerly awaited by players in its community. And for good reason: we saw the very promising Forza Motorsport or the famous Redfall, which has given itself a release date. But the real big surprise was probably Hi-Fi Rush, the brand new game from Tango Gameworks published by Bethesda (and therefore, de facto, by Microsoft since having bought the publisher as everyone knows).

Tango Gameworks is not a firm unknown to the battalion: until then, it was rather specialized in horror since behind the two The Evil Within and the recent Ghostwire Tokyo. It is also piloted by Shinji MIkami, the illustrious name of the video game behind the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchise, just that.

And yet… Hi-FI Rush has absolutely nothing to do with horror: if there will be chills, it will be through the prism of BPM sinceIt’s a game of action, rhythm and totally unbridled music, with an entirely cel-shaded artistic direction and, hold on to this, already available on PC and Xbox Series!

A very first trailer can be enjoyed in our video playerabove.

The music, yes, the music

Hi-Fi Rush sets a futuristic world in which Chai, a young rockstar in the making, goes to battle against a fearsome corporation of robotic enhancements. Small peculiarity however: the universe is entirely ruled by music! An explanation is also given, since the sinister enterprise mistakenly merged the heart of the hero with… a music player.

Understand that this has direct influences on the gameplay: the blows and therefore the sequences, but also the dodges and even the movements of the environment are synchronized with the tempo and you, the player, must do the same. For example, it will be necessary to use more powerful strikes at the end of the combo to stall on a cymbal strike or coordinate on the movements of an ally to trigger a fatal blow. The option to record a mini video clip is even given.

If the music will take a preponderant part, Tango Gameworks affirms that the accent will be above all on the action : the beat them all side is pronounced and each level has its own bosshimself having his own musical track for muscular clashes, but cinematographic.

Xbox: Bethesda unveils (and releases) Hi-Fi Rush, new Microsoft exclusive from the creators of The Evil Within!

Just announced, already out

Since the game is essentially based on music, Tango Gameworlds announces that the soundtrack is based on a multitude of original and licensed tracks, “each of them being synchronized on a particular level”. Important detail: there is a mode dedicated to streamers and then using only unreleased tracks that are not under the rights of a third party, in order to be able to create content without fear.

A deliberately fresh game that draws here and there, from the musical action game No Straight Roads to No More Heroes via Sunset Overdrive, and that we can try now: Hi-Fi Rush is already available digitally on PC (via Steam and theEpic Games Store) and Xbox Series X|S at a price of 29.99 euros. The software is also available within the Game Pass!

Note that a Deluxe Edition is also offered at 39.99 euros, containing two outfits for Chai along with seven additional T-shirts, an 808 guitar skin and an 808 alternate skin as well as 20,000 Gears, the in-game currency for upgrades. If you already have the title, for example via the Game Pass, the upgrade will only cost 9.99 euros. Good game everyone.

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