Without a license or insurance, he drives fast, drunk and hits two cars in Reims: 14 months in prison

The driver already had 26 convictions on his criminal record, including a large number for traffic offences.

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On Thursday August 18 around 4:45 p.m., the Reims police station received a call from a person reporting the presence of an Audi A3 which was rodeoing in the Châtillons district. In fact, the driver was driving fast and badly, not because he wanted to give himself chills while driving, but because he had drunk too much (1.26 grams). He hit two parked vehicles before being found on rue La-Pérouse, stationary, door locked. He opened it after some reluctance.

34-year-old Rémois, Sophiane Marmouche was tried this Friday August 19 in immediate appearance. In addition to alcohol, he drove without a license (suspended for two years) or insurance, while he has already been convicted 26 times, in particular for traffic offences, and already twice this year (four months closed in January and two months suspended sentence in May, for drunk driving).

The man admits to having a serious alcohol problem. Regarding the facts of Thursday, according to his statements, he had wanted to move his Audi that a relative had parked on a handicapped site, then no longer remembers the rest.

The court sentenced him to one year in prison, revoked the two-month reprieve, ordered his imprisonment and confiscated the Audi A3. In addition, the Reims prosecution will take advantage of having it on hand to carry out the four-month sentence.

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