Windows 11, Microsoft is working on new animations for the taskbar

Microsoft is working around the Windows 11 taskbar. Although the project is a secret, new animations are in the works. They were discovered due to testing conducted in Windows 11 22H2.

We have several different animations but aiming at the same objective, loading. To be more precise, these are animations that appear when loading icons. For example the GIF below offered by @PhantomOfEarth reveals the use of an effect called “zoom-in”.

It enlarges the size of icons in the taskbar. This is a different take on the hover animation where icons appear from the bottom. The change is not obvious but becomes very real if we compare with old variants.

At the moment Microsoft is tight-lipped and we don’t know which animation will find its way to a “consumer” version of Windows 11. Testing is currently underway through the DEV and BETA channels of the Windows Insider program.

Windows 11 and the taskbar

If such an approach is interesting, there are also “popular” requests since the launch of Windows 11 still unanswered. One of them concerns the rigid aspect of the taskbar. It can only exist on the bottom of the screen. It is impossible to move it to the right, left or even up. According to Microsoft the ability to change its location is not a priority. Teams focus on animations, design, and other features.

Windows 11 surprised with its reworked desktop, modern interface and intriguing taskbar. She quickly unveiled limits which in some cases prove to be unproductive. For example Drag & Drop is not supported.

Regarding its repositioning Redmond explained that it can impact the fluidity of the “animation flow”. The firm recalls that it was rebuilt from scratch. Work in progress is aimed at content overflow, the return of drag-and-drop, animations, and deeper integration of other Windows features.

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