Windows 11, Microsoft confirms a critical bug with System Restore

Microsoft has just confirmed a new bug in Windows 11. It is not trivial. Installed apps may stop working after using a system restore point.

This failure is problematic because various errors are possible if you try to use applications that are typically distributed in the MSIX package format. One of the possible messages is ” this app can’t open naturally preventing you from being able to use it. In other cases the software may end up having multiple entries in the Start menu or freeze when launched.

This bug affects an essential element of Windows, the system restore. It can even be considered critical especially for IT administrators and knowledgeable and cautious users. Restoration is a quick and normally effective solution to regain control if something goes wrong following an installation, modification or even the installation of updates.

Windows 11 and System Restore, a fix is ​​in the works

Aware of the situation Microsoft explains that a fix will be deployed as soon as possible. Here are the various symptoms related to this failure if a system restore is done

  • A “This app can’t open” error message appears instead of the app starting.
  • The application may have multiple entries in the Start menu.
  • An application may become unresponsive when you try to start the application.
  • An I/O error may occur, followed by an unresponsive application and then crashes.
  • If you try to restart the app, the app now runs.
  • Some of the popular apps may end up being impacted like Notepad, Paint, Office and Terminal

While waiting for the resolution of the problem, several workarounds are put forward. This ranges from restarting the problematic app to reinstalling it through the Microsoft Store. In detail, here are Microsoft’s recommendations

  • Try restarting the app again.
  • Try reinstalling the app from the Windows Store.
  • Try reinstalling the app from the original source it was first installed from.
  • Try running Windows Update.

This bug only affects Windows 11 at the moment. This also includes its latest update alias 22H2.

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