Wifak Bank buys 59.9% of “Attakafulia” insurance

Wifak International Bank informs its shareholders and the public that it has obtained the agreement of the General Insurance Council and the Ministry of Finance for the acquisition of 95.9% of the capital of the insurance company Attakafulia. It should be noted that 96% of the Company’s capital has so far belonged to financial companies and 4% to private investors.

The financial companies are “Assurances Salim”, a subsidiary of the Banque de l’Habitat, the Tunisian Insurance and Reinsurance Company (STAR), the Tunisian Fund for Mutual Agricultural Insurance (CTAMA), Mutual Insurance Ittihad (AMI) , Mutuelle Assurance de l’Enseignement (MAE), Tunisian Reinsurance Company (Tunis Ré), STUSID Bank, and “The Islamic Insurance Co”. (IIC of Jordan).

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