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Several factors are taken into consideration when setting the price of auto insurance. These include elements relating to the profile of the insured person, namely the profession, age, place of residence or the number of years of possession of a driving licence. Find your insurance for your vehicle using an online comparator.

Young drivers, for example, are subject to a higher premium amount than a more experienced driver: because they are new to driving, they are considered to present more risk. It is for this reason that their insurance premium is increased for a period of three years after obtaining their driving licence.


Insuring their vehicle using the third-party formula will allow them to lower the price. Another solution is to declare themselves as a secondary driver on their parents’ insurance.

Drivers who have suffered penalties or those whose insurer has decided to terminate their contract are also considered to be at-risk profiles. Faced with the high probability of having to pay an excessive price, they have the possibility of contacting specialized car insurers, in order to obtain a more reasonable price.

The choice of formula

To find the contract best suited to his needs, the driver must determine the degree of cover he wishes to obtain: several levels of protection are indeed available.

The most economical formula is that of third parties or automobile civil liability. This involves the reimbursement of material damage suffered by the vehicle as well as bodily injury suffered by a third party in an accident caused by the insured.

To benefit from third-party insurance including options, there is an intermediate formula. Glass breakage, management of fire and theft risks can be part of these options. These formulas are different depending on the insurers.

Comprehensive insurance offers the highest level of protection, whether for the driver or the vehicle. In the event of a claim, this formula also guarantees faster reimbursement of costs.

Influence of vehicle on pricing

The amount of insurance is also dependent on the vehicle and the use made of it. The type of journey, parking as well as the value and power of the vehicle are criteria that are taken into account to establish the final rate.

To insure a new car, it is a good idea to take out all-risk insurance. We are thus certain that the vehicle will benefit from good coverage if a claim should occur. Third-party insurance may, however, be sufficient for a vehicle that has reached a certain age.

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