Which are the friendliest cities in the UK in 2022?

In 2022, according to renowned luxury magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, the five most welcoming, welcoming and friendly cities in the UK are…

The ranking of the most welcoming cities in the United Kingdom was made from the votes of readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. If the country is already known for its great hospitality, where should you absolutely go to meet the nicest Brits? Spoiler alert, London is not one of them…

5 – Cardiff, the bustling capital of Wales

The city is renowned for its warm hospitality. Visitors discover a young, dynamic and lively capital. To complete the experience, the surrounding countryside and historic castles (including a majestic castle in the heart of the city) justify Cardiff’s place in the ranking of cities in the United Kingdom where life is good!

4 – Belfast, optimism incarnate

Residents of Northern Ireland’s capital are known to be optimistic and ‘hip’. This sets the scene for a benevolent welcome. In addition, the city is culturally and historically very rich, with places such as the Fenderesky Gallery, the Lyric Theater or the MAC cultural center, without forgetting the historical traces of the shipyard of the late Titanic.

Moving to Belfast, an optimistic city

3 – Liverpool, the spirit of the Beatles welcomes you

To start the podium, here is Liverpool, the maritime city in the North West of England. Everywhere in the streets floats the spirit of the legendary group of the Beatles, up to the museum which is dedicated to them. Liverpool breathes art, music and football; the reception is lively and we love it!

moving to Liverpool with the Beatles

2 – Manchester, a major cultural hub in the United Kingdom

“Manchester and Liverpool, I see myself strolling along the streets…” sang Marie Laforêt in 1967. Do these cities go hand in hand? In any case, they follow each other closely in the ranking of welcoming cities in the United Kingdom. Manchester no longer has to prove its heritage and historical value with its Gothic cathedral, its former industrial district or the Manchester Art Gallery.

move to Manchester for football and culture

1 – Glasgow, the friendliest city in the UK

The city of Scotland deserves its place as favorite. Firstly because the inhabitants of this city have the reputation of treating the visitor as one of their own. Then because one is easily seduced by its modern, dynamic and trendy atmosphere (it is still the second student city in the country…). Finally, Glasgow appeals to lovers of architecture, art and shopping alike. Go go go!

move to Glasgow, the friendliest city in the UK

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