what to do in case of damage caused by rain and hail?

Hail did a lot of damage on June 2, both in the Dordogne and in other departments as well. This is a recurring phenomenon which is becoming more and more frequent and which is worrying.

In a quarter of an hour, everything is destroyed

And this causes very significant damage to buildings, vehicles and of course crops. In all contracts, housing for individuals, or professional multi-risk for companies, the hail guarantee on the roofs or on other property is covered. You should not wait to declare yourself to the town hall if it requests recognition of the state of natural disaster, but you should not wait, especially to contact your insurer and declare the loss suffered. The time required to have repair estimates made and to set up the expertise is longer. But the claim must be declared within 5 working days by email or post.

Hail strongly affected crops in the Dordogne. The Bergerac area was particularly impacted: storms and hailstones destroyed cars, glass roofs, swimming pool shelters, and of course crops, sometimes at 95%. Normally, the insurer will compensate the damage since hail is part of the guarantees that are acquired on the contract. Whether it is a multi-risk home for an individual or a multi-risk professional or multi-risk agricultural contract, the guarantee is almost the same since with the fire, the storm is automatically insured. And in the storm, the hail is covered. The insurer takes into account, for example, personal work to secure what is damaged or destroyed immediately.

The interest of obtaining the state of recognition of natural disasters is major

The risk of natural disaster is covered in all insurance contracts, ie it is automatically included in the contract taken out. It’s not an option. This has been made mandatory by law. As soon as there is recognition by the State of the “state of natural disaster”, the victims are certain of being able to receive compensation. In the event of damage to a vehicle, the car contract will cover the damage.

Please note, you do not have to wait for the official declaration of a natural disaster to be compensated for damage caused by hail. Not all farmers are insured against hail damage, as insurance is very expensive and not compulsory.

In the event of a tree falling causing damage, the responsibility of the municipality, the department, a neighbour, etc. may be engaged. But if it is a storm or a major climatic event, the owner can exonerate himself from all responsibility. In this case, the insurance, vehicle or building insurance contract takes over.

Note: The town hall of Bergerac will request recognition of the state of natural disaster. If you have been damaged in the municipality, you must send an email in which you describe the damage. The address is on the site of the town hall of Bergerac.

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