What papers to collect to change auto insurance?

Your car insurance does not give you satisfaction and you want to change it? You can do this at any time after your first year of membership is over. In this case, your new car insurance is responsible for terminating with the old one, so you do not have to take this type of procedure.

Compare and choose the best car insurance

You only need:

  • Your registration certificate,
  • Your driver’s license,
  • The information statement of your previous car insurance,
  • Your bank details.

In some cases, you do not need to wait until the end of the first year of commitment to cancel your insurance: this is the case if you move house, if you have sold your vehicle to replace it or if it has been stolen. In these different situations, you must provide proof to your insurance to validate your cancellation: new proof of address, declaration of sale or theft. Sending a document of this type must be done by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. It is when your current insurance has informed you that your request has been taken into account that you can turn to another car insurance depending on your situation. Please note: you should never drive uninsured, so make sure you make the transition between your old car insurance and the new one according to the rules.

Compare car insurance to make the right choice

Before turning to a new car insurance, you can use the Parisian insurance comparator: by taking a few minutes to indicate the information of your vehicle, you will have access to a complete comparison of the contracts at your disposal. Something to save you time!

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