What car insurance does everyone accept?

It’s not always easy to find car insurance that suits your needs, but it can be even more difficult when you’re a young driver, or your record shows a significant penalty. The most complicated situation is undoubtedly that of the driver whose contract has been terminated by his insurance: how to be insured again, and therefore be able to drive?

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There are insurance companies that are more open than others regarding the reception of malussed and terminated drivers, as well as young drivers. These include Direct Assurance, SMS Malus, Allianz, Assurpeople, April and Ornikar. Some of these insurance companies require an estimate to be drawn up to precisely determine the amount of your contract: you should know that the more complex your file is, the more your insurance will cost you. However, you absolutely need insurance to drive your vehicle: this process is therefore a must to be able to get back on the road. The essential information in this situation is that it is still possible for you to be insured: it is up to you to find the best offer of the moment.

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