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The first Amazon Prime event would have started in 2015. It is an exclusive day that allows all buyers of the platform to benefit from exceptional discounts on all products and services offered by Amazon. Although the event is open to the general public, Prime or VIP members are given priority and they even benefit from a few hours in advance to choose their products.

This event therefore encourages Amazon subscribers to switch to Prime mode during this event. This year it returns as Prime Day 2.0. As every year, surprises will await customers. Amazon has yet to reveal more details. Everything will be discovered when the day comes.


Amazon launches a commercial operation for this year 2022

Amazon is an American online trading company headquartered in Seattle that is one of the web giants. It makes it possible to sell various products and goods, in particular technological ones. For years, it continues to employ millions of people around the world. After the sales on Wednesday June 22, 2022, Amazon is launching a second exclusive promotion called Prime Day to celebrate its 20 years of service.

Prime Day is therefore back this year, in the middle of July. This event will be held for 2 days. It starts on Tuesday July 12 and will end on Wednesday July 13, 2022. This is an offer that is particularly aimed at Amazon Prime subscribers. Note, however, that the subscription price on Amazon Prime will increase by 5.99 euros per month. There will obviously be sales of computer and electronic products and services such as household appliances.

The benefits of Prime Day

Rumors have been spread that Amazon has been hit hard by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. She then tries to catch up with her growth by launching this promotion to attract new members with discounts. In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal report, she may have restricted some of her promotion for the event, unlike in previous years.

On the other hand, Prime Day remains beneficial especially for Amazon customers. This event provides customers with products, services and goods at attractive and affordable prices. Computer tools, appliances and other items will also be sold exclusively.


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