“We haven’t been paid for fifty days”: angry Amazon subcontractors

The situation is difficult for the 80 employees of the FDL company. It has been almost two months since the employees of this company, a subcontractor of the giant Amazon, have not been paid, reveals BFMTV. A new demonstration by employees took place on Thursday August 18 to make their anger heard. One of the employees explained the purpose of the movement: “We’re just going to delay, we’re not going to block because we don’t have the right.” This is already the third time after June and early August that the employees have filed a lawsuit like this.

Fast Despatch Logistics declared itself insolvent on August 9 in a note communicated within the company. One of the management members complained about the situation. He then explained: “We have not succeeded in recovering from this difficult situation. As a result, I am forced to put an end to all activity throughout the company, and this, as of today. .” Employees are demanding a clear answer to their problem, but nothing is coming from FDL or Amazon.

Employees continue lockdowns on Friday

The company having closed suddenly while the employees were almost all on permanent contracts, they do not have the right to find another since they are still under contract. They are therefore demanding the payment of allowances and their salaries as well as a clarification of their situation. Another problem for employees, in the absence of a termination of contract between the two parties, they cannot ask to receive unemployment. “It is no longer possible. We have been patient with our own boss, with Amazon who overloads us with packages, we have been patient with late payments, but there, we can no longer hold on,” laments an employee.


Orange subcontractor Scopelec announces the dismissal of “several hundred of its employees”

Emmanuel Fernandes, MP of the second constituency of Bas-Rhin, calls on the Minister of the Economy to act. He therefore sent a letter to Bruno Le Maire to resolve the problem quickly. For their part, the employees decided to continue this movement overnight from Thursday to Friday by blocking the delivery trucks. Amazon responded by claiming to have terminated the contract with the subcontractor and claims to do everything possible to help employees find employment with another company partner.


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