watch out for the increase in this insurance in 2023

A contained increase in 2023. The banks had promised Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy and Finance, not to go beyond a 2% increase this year and they kept their word, but some services will still cost a lot more in the coming months. According to a study by Panorabanques published on Friday January 13, the average price increase is 0.3%, compared to 1.5% last year.

Increase in bank rates: beware of inappropriate withdrawals…

“It’s a year where the increase is very moderate,” explains Planet Basile Duval, content and press relations manager at Panorabanques. “There are disparities depending on the product, we have seen that some increase by much more than 2%so this small increase remains to be qualified”. In detail, it is above all the large banks, in particular national ones “like BNP, the Postal Bank”, which change their prices very little, “unlike previous years when it changed a lot more”.

Warning, this January 1 increase will not be the last, because banking establishments change their prices several times a year. “It is always important to look at the rates that your bank charges and to see their evolution, whether upwards or downwards, because there are always some,” explains Basile Duval to Planet. As we explained to you previously, relocated withdrawals are among the services that have increased the most this year and that’s no surprise.

Increase in bank rates: pay attention to the insurance you have

On this subject, Panorabanques explains that “the banks are changing two parameters. In general, when you have a classic bank card, you will have on average between 2 and 3 free moved withdrawals per month. Banks tend to reduce this number, so you have less. At the same time, they increase the average cost of a displaced withdrawal, because before we were below one euro and now we are at one euro, or even a little more, per displaced withdrawal.

Please note, it is not just this small line of your contract that will change in the coming months: the increase in loss and theft insurance for means of payment is important in about ten banks. Yours may be one of them… Find out below.

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