Using life insurance to recover social assistance: beware of the danger

Some or all of the aid can be recovered through life insurance. (© DR)

Jurisprudence warns against the use of life insurance by an elderly person to benefit from social assistance.

Social benefits recoverable on the death of the beneficiary:

the Ministry of Solidarity and Health indicates on its website: “Social aid for adults concerns the elderly, disabled people and people requiring help with reintegration. Some of the social assistance benefits may have the character of recoverable advances.”

And the ministry specifies that: “The total amount of the sums paid for social assistance at home, medical assistance at home, the specific dependency benefit or the payment of the daily rate may be recovered from the succession if the estate assets are greater than 46,000 euros.

Finally, the same memorandum specifies that: “if the subsidiary disability allowance is no longer recoverable since 1 January 2020, the solidarity allowance for the elderly is recoverable under the following conditions: “The amount of the recovery of sums paid for ASPA and ASI amounts from 1 January 2021 to: 7,354.12 euros per year for a single person and 9,838.68 euros per year for a couple (married, cohabiting , PACS).» The subject of recovery is therefore a matter of concern for the beneficiary, who may seek to exonerate himself from it, in particular by resorting to



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