Unions already in the day after tomorrow, massive layoffs at Microsoft, death of the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior in a crash… The news of this Wednesday, January 18


The strike is for tomorrow, but should it be renewed? While the RATP and the SNCF are still updating their forecasts, the main unions which will join forces on Thursday, the day of the national strike against the pension reform, are considering renewing it. And haven’t agreed yet. Energy, refinery, transport… The desire for renewal varies according to the sectors. Under the worried eye of the government. “Protest, yes. Block the country and the daily life of the French, no”, launched Véran on the eve of the day of mobilization. Police violence, growing feminization, trade union disaffection… while the security services review their troops, “Libé” spoke with those who protect the activists in the processions. An increasingly rare trade union species.

Microsoft is laying off about 10,000 employees. The American computer giant Microsoft, citing economic uncertainty and changing priorities of its customers, will lay off around 10,000 employees by the end of March, further shaking up a tech sector already affected by several major social plans. The company thus separates from just under 5% of its workforce, and plans to reduce the number of workspaces. These savings will represent a charge of $1.2 billion in the staggered second quarter accounts that the group is due to disclose on January 24.

Ukrainian Interior Minister dies in helicopter crash. Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky was killed on Wednesday near Kyiv in the crash of his helicopter which killed at least 14 people, including a child from a kindergarten, while traveling to the front line in full war with Russia. The aircraft, a Super Puma EC-225 (Airbus Helicopters, ex-Eurocopter) crashed around eight o’clock in Brovary, near Kyiv.

For the Church of England blessings for gay couples but still no marriage. A timid advance. The Church of England offers to offer a blessing of their union or their civil marriage to same-sex couples, it announced on Wednesday. They could benefit from a ceremony with “prayers and blessings of God in a church following a civil marriage or civil union”. But there is no question of officially uniting them: “Same-sex couples still could not be married in a Church of England church.” A statement that comes after… six years of internal consultation in the Anglican Church.

Iran: Will the Islamic Revolutionary Guards be listed as a “terrorist organization” by the EU? The European Parliament on Wednesday called on the EU to blacklist the Revolutionary Guards, Tehran’s ideological army, “terrorist organizations”. MEPs, meeting in plenary session, “calls on the Union and its Member States to include the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the Union’s terrorist list”according to the text of an amendment, very widely adopted, added to an annual report on the common foreign policy.

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Second round of the socialist congress: Olivier Faure is hot at the PS. In the lead in the first round of his party’s congress on January 12, the boss of the Socialists faces the union of his two competitors and the hostility of certain local barons in a second round that is more uncertain than expected.

“It was torture”: ChatGPT traumatized Kenyan workers paid $2 an hour. An investigation reveals that OpenAI, the company behind the text-generating artificial intelligence acclaimed for months, tried to make it less toxic by outsourcing its moderation to underpaid Kenyan workers.

Ecology: is a researcher who knows how to act a good researcher? Faced with the scale of the ecological crises and the inertia of the public authorities, many scientists have become whistleblowers, election candidates or zadists. These commitments raise the question of the objectivity of knowledge and the neutrality of those who produce it.

What are the “Baggers”, these giant excavators used in German coal mines? Images of the impressive machines used in German coal mines have gone around the world. Exceptional, they have become one of the symbols of climate destruction.

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