Unemployment insurance, pensions, recruitment… What Olivier Dussopt said on France Info

The political return to school promises to be eventful and Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, should be in the front line since the reforms of unemployment insurance or pensions could be relaunched on this occasion.

And it is among other things on these files that the minister was questioned this Wednesday, August 24, 2022, on France Info .

The government can and must continue to reform, according to Olivier Dussopt

First asked about the government’s ability to reform, in a complicated political and economic context, Olivier Dussopt indicated that the government could and should reform. “We have to keep moving forward” to achieve the government’s goal of full employment.

“And in France, full employment is defined as an unemployment rate around 5%”he said, recalling that this rate was currently still above 7% in the country.

Unemployment: the minister defends the Canadian model

Concerning the reform of unemployment insurance, Olivier Dussopt indicated that, according to him, “the greatest stigmatization of job seekers is to keep them unemployed”. In this, he was responding to criticism from part of the left which believes that the reform carried out by the minister makes the unemployed responsible for their situation.

We need to go further and have rules that are linked to the state of the labor market and the economy,” defended Olivier Dussopt, citing the Canadian example.

He thus evoked a reform at the end of which the unemployed would be more encouraged to return to work when the economy is doing well and where the rules would be “more protective when things go wrong”.

Do we need a general wage increase?

Olivier Dussopt also mentioned the lack of manpower in certain sectors, such as catering, hotels or school transport.

In particular, he indicated that a salary increase was “obviously a lever of attractiveness” and welcomed the fact that some branches had already raised their salary scales, but indicated that the government did not believe in an overall increase, which he said would be inflationary.

A consultation on pensions

Another hot issue of the government: the pension reform. Olivier Dussopt has, on this file, called not to preempt “the conclusion of the various debates”, including those carried out within the framework of the National Refoundation Council.

But, to reform a system that he considers perfectible and unbalanced economically, he indicated that it was necessary “more life-long work”. The new retirement age, on the other hand, is not “not a totem” according to him.

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