Toddler Piles $2,100 Amazon Bill Behind Mom’s Back

This text is a translation of a CTV News article

Mélissa Moffette said she believed all of the Amazon emails she received over the weekend about recent purchases were spam.

Then, on Monday, a delivery van arrived with about 35 packages outside its door.

“During the day, I panicked. At first, I thought my account was… hacked,” said the mother, who lives in Terrebonne.

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She explains that her daughter, Mya, made the purchases on a family tablet, which was linked to her Apple account. The young girl searched for items with voice commands and clicked the “Buy Now” button on Amazon, sometimes when she was in the same room as her mother.

When her mother went to check on what she was doing, the little one quickly changed the page she was looking at to hide her tracks.

The 6-year-old ran up a bill that totaled $2,109.54.

The clandestine shopping operation was a success for Mya. She ordered 28 plush toys, 480 false nails, 270 key chains, six backpacks and more.

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“When the Amazon truck arrived, Mya was like a kid on Christmas Eve…she was excited,” Ms. Moffette said.

Other orders that could not be canceled are still on the way. Ms Moffette says the incident is a learning opportunity for her children, who now have limited access to their tablet and the internet, and must now repack each item and affix a label to send them back to Amazon.

“I explained to my two daughters the consequences, the value of money,” said the mum, who realized that her children are growing up with technology and that all it takes is the click of a button to get what that they want.

If Amazon hadn’t made the refund process easier, she would have been more upset. But the mother approaches the event with humor. “It’s a lot for a family […] I was shocked, frustrated, I cried on Monday, but now what can I do? I can just learn and [m’assurer] that my two daughters understand and learn.”

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