this warm blanket is a top seller on Amazon

Did you know ? The ideal temperature of a house (or an apartment) is 19° while that of a bedroom is between 16 and 18°! Faced with the cold snap that is currently sweeping through France, we all tend to want to increase the temperature of the heating… without, however, causing the electricity bill to soar. To save some money, consider equipping yourself with accessories that allow you to warm up naturally.
In the bedroom, you can make do with a heated mattress topper to warm up instantly before sleeping, a hot water bottle that you slide alongside for the same functionality, but also a good warm duvet. , capable of retaining temperature throughout the night.

An affordable model is also top sellers at the moment on Amazon, simply because it has several advantages, all for less than 40 €. Ideal in a bedroom with a temperature below 20°C and for people sensitive to the cold, this warm duvet made entirely of polyester offers a “peach skin” touch, for an instant feeling of softness. Machine washable, it contains the Acaristop treatment which guarantees optimal protection against dust mites for healthy nights.

Acaristop Very Warm Duvet 220 x 240 cm (available in several sizes) – ABEIL – €39.99

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