This connected watch for less than €35 is number 1 in sales on Amazon

Who said that the best of technology had to be overpriced?

Currently on Amazon, this connected watch for less than €35 is all the rage, and is number 1 in sales in its category.

Here is a connected watch that has nothing to envy to the competition.
If you have long wanted to equip yourself with this kind of device, and stay at the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank, you should definitely like this one! Number one in sales on Amazon, the Motast connected watch has won over many Internet users thanks to its low price but above all, thanks to its performance and efficiency worthy of the biggest brands.

Equipped with a touch screen, this multifunction smartwatch allows you to receive your calls and texts with ease. Containing all the most popular applications such as Facebook or Whatsapp, it can also control your music, act as an alarm clock and follow your heart rate, your sleep, or your sporting progress. In short, everything you can imagine from a smartphone can be found on this connected watch.

Motast connected watch

Its 1.9-inch screen gives you clear reading and remarkable image quality. Equipped with 6 levels of brightness and 4 different dials, this waterproof watch with a refined and contemporary design is very comfortable to wear, and can accompany you every minute of your daily life, even during intensive sports sessions, without being damaged. Recharged in just 1h30, its high-performance battery gives you 7 days of continuous autonomy, and 30 days in standby mode.
Indispensable to be fully equipped from the start of the school year, it is offered to you at only €33.99.

Motast connected watch, €33.99

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