There will be more ads in Outlook

The Outlook mobile app gives users two options for organizing their inbox: a single inbox with everything in it, or a tabbed inbox divided into two categories – “Focused” with important mail and ” Others” along with everything else.

Previously, Microsoft only placed ads in the “Other” tab for free users, but it now adds them to single inbox mode, too.

For Outlook mobile “free” users, it will be more difficult to avoid ads at the top of the normal inbox. And with both Focused and Other inbox types, there will only be ads at the top of the Other tab.


Messaging in the Focused inbox.

These advertisements will look like normal emails – a way of attracting users’ curiosity. And even if you delete them, they will reappear. If you open one, the advertising content will be displayed in a mini browser.

At least for free users, they can avoid ads by enabling Focused Inbox feature.

And to avoid all advertisements in your Outlook mobile email, you will need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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