There is a Lite subscription for Amazon Prime

For its loyalty program AmazonPrime, the American e-commerce giant adjusts its offer according to the country. It can thus be more or less rich in terms of advantages related to delivery and services.

The enrichment of the offer influences the price, knowing that the group has repeatedly pointed the finger at an increase in operating costs.

In India, the Prime subscription has been available since 2016. Its price increased in December 2021 to 1499 rupees (17 €) per year. Instead of an annual subscription, it is possible to opt for three months at 459 rupees (5 €), while the monthly subscription is at 179 rupees (2 €).

Amazon Prime Lite in India

It is in India that Amazon is experimenting with a so-called Lite subscription, as part of a lighter and therefore less expensive formula. Amazon’s Prime Lite subscription is thus at 999 rupees per year, or around less than €12 per year.

Amazon Prime Lite includes benefits for fast and free delivery to eligible products and areas, reduced delivery costs to eligible addresses, cashback on purchases, priority access to flash sales, Amazon Prime Video with advertising and SD quality (Android and iOS apps).

Compared to the standard Amazon Prime subscription, these are restrictions that affect the speed of delivery, Amazon Prime Video and a cross on half of the advantages including Prime Reading, Amazon Music (with advertising) or Prime Gaming which has been recently launched in India.

Amazon stipulates that the Prime Lite subscription can be offered at its discretion, for different durations and conditions. Nothing says that a formula of the same ilk will be offered outside India.


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