The Starship passes the “Wet Dress Rehearsal” test: takeoff soon?

This is a great first for SpaceX. This Monday, January 23, the private space company passed a comprehensive test “Wet Dress Rehearsal” of the Starship, from filling the tanks to the final countdown. These are always the prototypes Starship SN-24 and the SuperHeavy BN-7 which then formed the huge rocket that is conveniently called Starship. 5,000 tonnes of methane and liquid oxygen were poured into the Starship’s huge tanks for several hours, the entire operation being organized and timed according to the conditions of a real launch. The ground teams then tested the electronic equipment and the rocket’s on-board computer, then checked that the structure supported the load of propellants (rocket fuel) via a multitude of sensors. The countdown has come to a successful end to this crucial test session.

Will the Starship (finally) be able to take off? Yes, but not immediately since SpaceX has confirmed that there will be a final firing test before takeoff. And this time, no joke since the test will consist of performing a static firing of the 33 Raptor engines of the SuperHeavy. In view of the damage observed in the area with only 8 engines on, we can already imagine the hell of power that it will be… The launch of the Starship will therefore not take place for several more weeks, but this time at least we know that it will happen soon (and not in 2024!).

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