The Ring Video Doorbell + Amazon Echo Show 5 bundle is half price

Connected product packs are often economical, like this one with a Ring Video Doorbell connected doorbell and an Amazon Echo Show 5 connected screen, for only 84.99 euros instead of 184.98 euros on Amazon.

Amazon has a wide range of connected objects that simplify your daily life. In addition to the Echo Show connected speakers, which are among its bestsellers, the American brand also offers connected doorbells, such as the Ring Video Doorbell, which offer the possibility of seeing who is ringing the doorbell and then interacting with your visitor. . The Ring Video Doorbell is also included in a pack that also includes an Echo Show 5 speaker, which will work very well with the doorbell. Everything is available at a lower cost since the pack benefits from a 54% promotion.

The Ring Video Doorbell + Echo Show 5 bundle is…

  • A connected doorbell with 1080p definition
  • A 5.5 inch connected screen
  • Compatibility with Alexa

First displayed at 184.98 euros, the Ring Video Doorbell + Echo Show 5 pack is now available at 84.99 euros at Boulanger.

Another equally interesting pack is also discounted on Boulanger: the Blink Camera Outdoor + Echo Show 5 pack goes from 112.99 euros to 76.99 euros.

A connected doorbell that detects movements

The pack presented here first includes a Ring Video Doorbell connected doorbell, which, with its sober design and small size, will be discreet near your front door. To set it up, you simply need to connect it to your existing doorbell wires, then connect it to your Wi-Fi network via the Ring app. It can then take place on your exterior wall and begin its task.

The Ring Video Doorbell incorporates a small camera with 1080p definition, which will allow you to view clear images, including at night since night vision will be available. We will also be entitled to a viewing angle of 155 ° horizontally to be able to have a broad overview of the surroundings. Another advantage of this doorbell: it is able to detect movements, which can be practical at night or in your absence. The Ring Video Doorbell also comes with, as mentioned earlier, an app that will give you the ability to interact with your visitors through the doorbell’s speakerphone and two-way mic. You can also see what is happening outside, from your smartphone or tablet. The app will also allow you to customize your motion detection settings and enable live video functionality.

Convenient use with the Echo Show 5

As Amazon connected objects complement each other very effectively, the Ring Video Doorbell can work in concert with the Echo Show 5, a connected screen that can, for example, broadcast live the video stream picked up by the doorbell. Its 5.5-inch screen will be comfortable enough to allow you to see in detail what is happening around your home. And who says Amazon, says Alexa: the platform’s virtual assistant will be there to collect all your voice requests, such as displaying the video rendering of the doorbell, activating or deactivating the surveillance system as soon as you wish, answering a visitor or provide motion notifications. Also note that the Echo Show 5 has a small camera, which allows it to act as an indoor camera if you are not present at your home.

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