The PS5 back on Amazon, but under one condition

As you probably know, getting a PS5 today requires luck, patience, and self-sacrifice. Even if Sony prides itself on having sold more than 20 million copies of its latest console, it is still not found on the market, and the rare stocks which arrive at the various retailers leave in a snap of the fingers, well helped by the scalpers who continue to crack down despite restrictions being put in place. Faced with this problem, Amazon decided to change tack, and give you a better opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5.

How to have a chance to buy the PS5 on Amazon?

You can now go to Amazon’s PS5 page (the Standard model with player) to reserve not your copy, but to request an invitation.

This invitation will send you directly to a queue, before your user profile is verified (to avoid scalpers). Once this is done, you may be lucky enough to be selected to place an order. With luck, you will receive a message within 72 hours that will allow you to make your purchase..

Request an invitation for the PS5 on Amazon

Please note that asking for an invitation is not worth a reservation. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase with your invite, but it’s always one more chance to get this very rare product.

The ideal solution therefore still does not exist, but this system will already allow a few lucky people to be able to buy the console. Do not hesitate to quickly ask for your invitation.

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