The PlayStation 5 is available again on Amazon at 499.99 euros!

A year after its release in 2019, the PlayStation 5 had already sold more than 7 million copies. This gold rush had then led to a fatal shortage of stock. Then the Covid-19 arrived in 2020 and caused a shortage of electronic semiconductors which slowed down the production of the famous PS5. Result: many disappointed all over the world. Fortunately, everything should return to normal in terms of accessibility in 2023. In the meantime, you have to follow merchant sites to find the right deal. Today, Amazon is the place to turn.

Thursday August 18, Amazon indicated that the PS5 was back on its site at a price of 499.99 euros. An excellent one for gamers. Be careful though, there won’t be a PlayStation 5 for everyone. Amazon specifies as follows: “To be able to order a PS5, users must request an invitation which will allow them to be placed in the queue. Therefore, the user account will be verified before you can hope to place an order. Indeed, stocks being very limited, not everyone will be able to put the precious sesame in their basket! Once the invitation has been requested, users will receive a message within 72 hours letting them know if they are the lucky ones and if they will be able to place an order. Good luck !

Console Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

999 €€839.90



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