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When your dog or your cat is the victim of an accident, the costs of veterinarians go up very quickly without insurance, especially if it has to be operated on. Between the analyses, the anesthesias, the drugs, the hospitalization costs, an intervention can reach a thousand euros or more. Moreover, even if vaccination protects well against many diseases, cats and dogs remain subject to more or less serious problems which can sometimes take a long time to heal, such as skin conditions, conjunctivitis, dental problems and gums, cough, cystitis, kidney disease, accidents, etc.

In these difficult times of galloping inflation, paying all this, and especially in one go, can be very complicated with a small pension, or when you don’t have a big salary. The new insurance for dogs and cats has anticipated this: its exclusive third-party payment service allows its members not to have to advance the insured costs.

Several formulas with Drooky insurance for dogs and cats

At, we believe pets are part of the family! To allow his pet to benefit from care, and to be reimbursed for illness, consultation, hospitalization, or medical examinations, the owners of the insured dog or cat have the choice between several formulas:

  • 60% reimbursement with a ceiling of 1200 euros per year;
  • 75% reimbursement with a ceiling of 1600 euros per year;
  • 90% reimbursement with a ceiling of 2000 euros per year.

An online questionnaire makes it possible to evaluate the monthly price of the insurance, according to the age of the animal and its breed.

Attention ! Like all insurance, this guarantee only takes into account the costs related to problems occurring after subscription. For example, if the animal already had an allergy before, the costs related to it will not be reimbursed. This is why it is advisable to insure your dog or cat when it is still young.

A unique guarantee in the world to protect animals after the death of their master

When you are already of a certain age, you can also fear for the future of your beloved pet. What will become of Medor if we die before him? Are we sure to find him an adoptive family? So that money is not a hindrance, and that the animal is not a financial burden for those who will take care of it, offers the option of the “annuity” formula for the person who will take care of it. .

Depending on your age (between 18 and 80), and that of your animal, you will pay a supplement (from 1.50 euros to 9.50 euros per month for the youngest animals). This also allows you to choose during your lifetime to whom you wish to entrust your beloved cat or dog.

Immediate reimbursement of expenses incurred for his dog or cat

At, nothing is outsourced, and refunds are made within seconds of applying online.

Everything can be managed from your personal space. For convenience, each member also has a personal adviser.

There are no hidden fees, no application fees and no deductible!

Insurance for dogs and cats allows you to have peace of mind, and to no longer fear the unexpected. It is also a help for regular care, in the face of rapidly rising veterinary costs. This is why this mutual can also be of interest to animal health professionals!

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