The new Amazon Prime Video interface is coming to Freebox Delta, Revolution, Pop, mini 4K and Apple TV 4K

The new Amazon Prime Video interface is coming to Freebox Delta, Revolution, Pop, mini 4K and Apple TV 4K

Expected since its announcement last July, the new Amazon Prime Video interface is now available on Freeboxes.

There is finally something new for Prime Video users. Amazon announced on July 18 to completely overhaul its interface and until now, the change was not visible on the Freeboxes. It is now done and the new interface is also being deployed on Apple TV 4K.

A welcome redesign, criticism on Amazon’s SVOD platform generally targeting the user experience with an interface deemed unattractive and ergonomic. The American giant has therefore operated in depth to improve navigation. Thus, it takes up the codes of Netflix or Disney + by opting for a side banner and no longer on the top before. Sorting is also clearer

With a simplification as to the categories in the program: thus you only have access in this banner to research, to your home page, to a page dedicated to paid content, to live content offered via your various subscriptions (such as the Ligue 1 Pass) and your personal space, managing your various favorites and purchases. Note also, the live TV section is absent from the Freebox Delta at the time of writing these lines, while it is present on the Freebox Pop, with the same account.

Above are the “live” and my “space” categories

Concerning the home page, you will find an always advanced editorialization, sorting the contents according to various themes. We will note the presence of a huge carousel presenting you with the hot content of the moment and a section dedicated to sorting your page, according to your desire to watch a film, a series or sport.

The presentation of the content, once chosen, has not really evolved with a synopsis above the watch button and always the possibility of adding it to your favorites or launching a watchparty (simultaneous viewing session on several screens).

This platform is available for Amazon Prime subscribers, an offer offered by the American giant including many services (games, music, fast delivery, etc.). This subscription is included in the Freebox Delta offer and free for Freebox Revolution and Pop subscribers for six months. You can also subscribe to it as an option, from your Freebox subscriber space.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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