The most reliable insurances: which ones can we quote?

In order to take out insurance, it is legitimate to seek the best offer. This, even if in reality, there is no better insurance. Indeed, in terms of insurance coverage, policyholders have different needs. So, the best insurance is the one that suits your needs and your budget. Discover in this article, the most reliable insurances.

The most reliable home insurance

According to L’Argus de l’Assurance, the most reliable insurance in housing, positioned in the top 3 are: Covea, Groupama and Crédit Agricole.

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Covea home insurance

The group Covéa offers damage and civil liability insurance, health and provident insurance, life insurance, legal protection and reinsurance solutions. In 2021, according to an online survey of Internet users comparing insurance, 90% of owners have made a average economy of €102 per year.

Groupama home insurance

Groupama is an insurance company founded in 1900, originally intended for farmers. Today, Groupama insures 4 million customers, including many home insurance policies. The insurer offers two formulas including: Essential and Comfort, with options to supplement the guarantees offered.

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Credit Agricole home insurance

Agricultural credit combines banking and insurance and is, unsurprisingly, among the most reliable insurance companies on the market. Crédit Agricole’s non-life insurance subsidiary, Assurances PACIFICA, offers home insurance cover. It offers suitable contracts for tenants, owner-occupiers or non-occupiers. It also offers two coverage formulas: Initial or Integral in the different contracts.

The most reliable car insurance

This type of insurance aims to protect the driver of a vehicle against the consequences of material damage or bodily injury caused by his car to third parties. There are several reliable car insurance companies.

Allianz car insurance

Allianz is one of the most reliable insurance. The company allows its future customers to obtain a car quote directly online. The insurer offers the third-party formula, the intermediate formula and the all-risk formula with the possibility of completing several options. You can have the 0 km breakdown assistance option, driver’s guarantee up to 1 million euros, automobile legal protection or the Allianz Mobility Plus Pack.

AXA car insurance

Like the majority of the most reliable insurances, AXA offers three basic formulas with the essential guarantees. it’s about the public liability, driving safety, criminal defense and recourse in the event of an accident, then coverage in the event of fire and theft. In addition, the insurer offers options for roadside assistance in less than an hour, the Joker guarantee, the provision of a loaner vehicle in the event of a collision.

Macif car insurance

In the event of an accident, Macif offers advantageous insurance rates, very effective guarantees, rapid coverage and reimbursement. The advisors are at your service and are very available. The company has 4 formulas: Economic (third-party car insurance), Extended (third-party car insurance + theft guarantee), Protector (all-risk insurance), Excellence (all-inclusive car insurance).

In the evaluation of the most reliable insurances in health, it is necessary to take into account the level of satisfaction and that of the price. Several mutuals remain reliable in terms of insurance.


The April contract offers 7 coverage levels, covering current expenses (optical, dental, consultations, etc.) as well as expenses specific to the elderly (prostheses, remedies, devices, etc.). In addition, it offers 3 optional reinforcements to adapt the reimbursement to your needs. The insurer also offers an option to improve the coverage of non-DPTAM doctors.

Mutual General Police (MGP)

The General Police Mutual (MGP), also called Mutuelle de Sécurité, offers 4 formulas to cover the whole family. All of these guarantees give access to the services and procedures of the 100% health basket, therefore at no residual cost for the insured.


The Mutual Generation covers health expenses. It can allow you to benefit from a birth allowance, reimbursement of orthodontic and dental costs such as dental implants, etc.

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