The Microsoft Rewards app is live again on Xbox

If like many players on Xbox, you are chasing Rewards points to finance your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or reduce the bill when buying a controller for example, you will have noticed that in recent days the console application has been derailed at full speed. Success not recognized and not rewarded with 50 daily points, no increase in the weekly card or even the impossibility of opening the application. Good news, it’s over!

If we had seen it on our machines during the day, it was on Twitter that Brad Rossetti confirmed the information. Responsible for the Xbox Insider program in Redmond, he reassures users of the program by attesting that things are back to normal and that the hunt for achievements for the weekly map can resume without fear.

Xbox users, the Microsoft Rewards app is up and running again, rewarding your daily achievements and counting your 3 achievements towards your weekly streak!

This is far from being the first time that the program has experienced problems and this has even been recurrent in recent months. Future changes to the program being implemented or buggy updates, we don’t know the cause of these problems but they no longer seem to be on the agenda.

So take the opportunity to complete your quests and other Rewards cards. If necessary, don’t hesitate to consult our Xbox Game Pass quests guide to collect some extra points!

Learn more about the Microsoft Rewards program:

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