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The liberalization of the borrower insurance market has been activated. The Lemoine law, adopted last February, now allows each individual to terminate their loan insurance at any time, and provides in particular for the modification of the deadlines applied to the abolition of the health questionnaire and the right to be forgotten, for the majority real estate loans.

Redesigned loan insurance

The group, which has been involved in the health sector for more than 170 years, now offers to cover the risks associated with taking out a mortgage. “ This diversification marks the in-depth restructuring of our organizationsays Claude Leblois, Managing Director of Mutuelles du Soleil – Book II and Book III. Initiated to correspond to an increasingly competitive insurance market, it was also initiated to respond to new lifestyles while creating an opportunity for increasingly pressing regulatory constraints in our sector. »

Borrower insurance therefore appears to be in line with the commitments made by Mutuelles du Soleil: to offer services that are more suited to the budgets and needs of the population. A “simple and fast subscription, without medical questionnaire” and a “fully supported administrative management” are offered to policyholders and their families. The device thus secures the repayments of the mortgage through various guarantees – mandatory, additional or optional – relating to the vagaries of life (death guarantee, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, disability, temporary incapacity for work, loss of employment , etc.).

By launching this new offer, Mutuelles du Soleil intends in a press release to reaffirm “its desire to allow fairer, more transparent and easier access to its policyholders. Proximity and service being an integral part of the group’s values, the entity born in the South continues to reinvent itself in order to offer offers that are ever more in line with the requirements of its customers today to better support them tomorrow. »

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