the gesture that the camera films is unforgivable

The Amazon delivery man approaches a house and sees a dog: the gesture that the camera films is unforgivable

In Michigan, a family watched helplessly as their dog was stolen.

Mauria is a lively little dog who lives in Michigan with her family. A few days ago, the dog snuck under the fence of her house. A decision that caused a real drama in his home.

A theft in front of the surveillance camera

It was at the same time that an Amazon delivery man stopped in front of Mauria’s human house. Within seconds, the man decided to take the female dog with the rare coat and go with it. All still under the watchful eye of the security camera which filmed everything.

Immediately, the humans of Mauria warn Amazon so that the firm does something and that their dog returns home, safe and sound. The e-commerce giant quickly responded that it would investigate, but days passed and Mauria still hadn’t returned.

Mauria’s return

Fortunately, a few days after this theft and the publication of Mauria’s story in the press, a man contacted his human via Facebook to tell him that he had the dog with him. This man specified that the dog had been given to him, and that he did not know that she had been stolen.

A few hours later, the police acted as an intermediary to return the dog to her family and clarified that no one would be charged in this case, which was now closed.

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