The first 240W USB-C cables available on Amazon

For a 16-inch MacBook Pro to benefit from fast charging at 140W, you must use the USB-C / MagSafe cable in tandem with the adapter of the same power provided by Apple. This is what allows the computer to fill up 50% of its battery in about thirty minutes. Conventional USB-C/USB-C cables do not go beyond 100W: to reach 140W, and even more, you need cables compatible with USB-C 2.1.

This evolution allows the cables to provide a power of up to 240W. The first cables supporting the standard are beginning to appear on Amazon. Two models signed Club 3D are thus available: the first model of 1 meter (CAC-1576) at 34 € is certified USB 4 Gen3x2 for a data transfer of 40 Gbit/s. The second 2 meters long (‎CAC-1575) at 40 € displays a lower speed of 20 Gbit/s (USB 4 Gen2x2, yes it’s a bazaar without a name). Both are capable of delivering up to 240W of juice.

Club 3D had presented a third model not yet offered by Amazon, the CAC 1573, which is the least interesting of the lot with its speed of 480 Mbit/s (USB 2.0). We’re going to test the available cables with a 16-inch MacBook Pro to see what they’ve got.

240W USB-C 2.1 cables point the end of their connector

240W USB-C 2.1 cables point the end of their connector


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