the crazy reason he’ll never drive a Tesla

He may claim a nice collection of vehicles, each more powerful than the other, Rick Ross does not plan to go electric, let alone get his hands on a Tesla.

Rick Ross and the Tesla Theory

Rick Ross admits it: if he has still not given in to the call of the Teslas, which are used by many of his colleagues, it is because he harbors a certain fear vis-à-vis these vehicles equipped with an autonomous driving function. The interpreter of Purple Lamborghini thus evokes a scenario resembling conspiracy, which would that the “government can connect” to a Tesla car to take him directly to the police station : “I’ve never been in a Tesla. And the reason is that I always think about the possibility of the government connecting to the car. […] We take you to the station, and the agent comes out: “Hey, Rick”.

Still, Rozay does not necessarily seem hermetic to the inventions signed Elon Musk. Last February, he spoke with the founder of SpaceX alongside Diddy and French Montana and let the billionaire know that he was ready to accompany him on his future mission to Mars.

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