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A detox cure: what is it exactly?

The way of life (alcohol, tobacco, pesticides in food, preservatives, and other additives), and the environment (pollution, stress, etc.) expose to different impurities and toxins. These generally tend to alter the proper functioning of the body. This can result in a loss of energy, but also negative effects on our morale or even our appearance. In order to fight against this saturation of toxins and impurities, the detox cure proves to be the appropriate solution.

Currently in fashion, the detox cure has existed for several millennia. Its objective is to help the body eliminate toxins and impurities. It should be known that the emunctory organs, namely the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs, the liver or even the skin already contribute to this. However, with the way of life and the environment, they are saturated and can no longer work optimally. This failure subsequently leads to various problems, such as:

  • Insomnia;

  • Weight gain;

  • ear infections;

  • Allergies ;

  • Digestive disorders;

  • Skin problems (dull skin, acne, eczema);

  • Rhinitis;

  • A weakening of the immune system;

  • Etc.

A detox cure is used to eliminate toxins and impurities accumulated by the body. It relieves the emunctory organs, and helps them to regain their balance.

You should know that if the detox (…)


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