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It is well known: a pet is a companion for life, and like any other member of the family, it has the right to health insurance to lead a healthy life alongside its masters. This is why Drooky exists. Follow the leader !

In France, cats and dogs enjoy enormous popularity. It must be said that these furballs are so adorable they are so adorable. And the least we can say is that these pets can be considered members of the family.

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It is for this reason that the latter must benefit from health insurance, in the same way as their masters. Indeed, they also have the right to lead a healthy life to have happy days. The problem? Visits to the veterinarian and other animal health professionals greatly lighten the wallet.

That’s good, is the best health insurance to take care of your animals… without breaking the bank! If you have a tom or a doggie, and you are looking for mutual insurance for your four-legged friend, this article is for you!

Drooky: an insurance that has dog

“For dogs, cats against hassle”. insurance has made it its mission to protect animals and their masters. To do this, she created a system aimed at advancing euros to treat the animals in record time.

This innovative service includes dog and cat health insurance that reimburses veterinary costs in the event of illness or accident and other daily hassles: consultations, hospitalization, examinations, etc.

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This mutual for animals is also suitable for all budgets. For example, you have the possibility of insuring your hairball from 1 euro 50! Note that offers three reimbursement rates / ceilings:

  • 60% with a ceiling of 12,000 euros
  • 75% with a ceiling of 1600 euros
  • 90% with a ceiling of 2000 euros

In addition to this feature, a third-party payment service has been set up so that members do not have to advance the costs covered by the insurance. Another important point: the pension guarantee.

A pension guarantee to ensure your pet’s old age

At Drooky, our animal friends are considered sentient beings. As a result, the insurance has created “unique in the world” guarantees to watch over the animals in the event of the death of their master.

Among the proposed solutions, there is an annuity that will be paid to the person who will take care of the animal, until its death. This option allows the current owner to choose, during his lifetime, a member of his family or entourage capable of taking care of his furry companion.

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You may not know it, but dogs and cats are part of all the property passed on to the heirs. Unfortunately, some of them do not wish to welcome them. Thus, the pension guarantee is the ideal solution to insure the old days of quadrupeds.

Drooky: insurance made in France and 100% transparent

Easy to use, your pet’s file can be managed in a few clicks from your personal space: no more care sheets, all reimbursement requests are full-digital, and carried out at lightning speed. All you have to do is send your invoices via your smartphone or computer.

But that’s not all ! Drooky manages reimbursements and assigns an experienced advisor to each of its members. No hidden costs, no deductible, no application fees… This insurance has only one objective: to take care of animals throughout their lives, and to reassure their owners.

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