The Amazon parcel deliverers of Bouc-Bel-Air and Marseille seize the prud’hommes

They had been preparing for it for a few weeks, it’s now done. The employees of the company Fast Despatch Logistics, subcontractor of Amazon, seized the council of prud’hommes of Marseille, announces The Marseillaise of this Wednesday, August 24. They are about thirty to have approached the lawyer Mickaël Benavï. “They are asking for a breach of contract at the sole fault of the employer”he says.

This procedure follows a social movement already initiated since June. Several deliverers have used their right of withdrawal, denouncing a delay in the payment of their wages and the deplorable state of their trucks. “With vehicles that are not up to standard, Fast Despatch endangered, at least, the health of the employees, at most, their lives“, underlines the lawyer.

More recently, they came together to screen Bouc-Bel-Air’s Amazon repository, to ask the US e-commerce giant to put pressure on Fast Despatch executives. The company, which ceased operations at the beginning of August, has still not filed for bankruptcy. And the unknowns concerning employee contracts persist.

Source: La Marseillaise

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