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Microsoft puts innovation at the forefront to provide all users with an unparalleled experience. And now, this tech giant wants creators to explore new ways to build on its emojis. To do this, it offers open source more than 1,500 of these 3D emojis, allowing creators to have free access to them and put their personal touch on them. Going forward, almost all of Microsoft’s library will be available on Figma and GitHub.

Creators will be able to customize these emoji through the vector .svg file. In addition, three emojis are not included, namely “Clippy” and two others which include the Windows logo. This “open sourcing” may finally allow the Windows 11 operating system to use the company’s “Fluent UI” 3D Emoji. Note that, so far, these emojis are only available in Microsoft Teams.

How can creators use these emoji?

Since 3D emojis are open source, every creator can use them for just about anything as long as Microsoft’s code of conduct permits. Creators can take many of Microsoft’s bright and colorful 3D emojis to remix them into stickers and use them in content or create unique sets of emojis.

Given this time of year, creators will likely rely on Microsoft emojis to bring in holiday themes or even unique skin tones. Some may also create Halloween emojis or emojis specific to each region and religion in the world. Note that emojis on Microsoft Teams cannot be downloaded.

What is the purpose of this open source library?

Jon Friedman, CVP of design and research at Microsoft, explained that basically the company should have done all the work. However, after careful consideration, giving creators a chance fits the company’s vision.

Indeed, the library is open source both internally and externally. Thus, this new strategy will allow the company to develop its products on a global scale. Having creators involved will help Microsoft a lot in reaching people in unique ways.


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