the 2022 rate rankings, from best to most disappointing

A collective rebound! After years of plummeting, the first yields announced are all up, and in number above the symbolic 2% mark. Here is all the information available. This article is updated as announcements are made.

Rates 2022: what rebound for funds in euros?

Heel value of savings in France, the booklet A obviously gives the LA. Including for insurers and their funds in euros, star support for life insurance with no less than 1385 billion euros in assets.

Despite all the incentives from banks, brokers and insurers to invest in risky funds (unit-linked) for life insurance, the fund in euros and its capital guarantee at all times still weighs 73% of the 1874 billion euros (1) savings life insurance. Besides, the livret A and its 369 billion euros remains a drop of water… Despite this apparent imbalance, the most widespread investment is and remains the livret A. The rebound in its rate to 2% in the summer of 2022 and its probable rise of more than 3% in February 2023 cannot leave insurers impassive. It’s a certainty: after having fallen to 1.28% on average, the yields of funds in euros will rebound.

Average return of the fund in euros over 10 years

Will they bounce back to booklet A level? The 2% rate is obviously symbolic. Observers predict a average yield ranging between 1.6% and 2% for the year 2022. And even if your insurer announces a net management fee rate of 2% for the past year, it should not be forgotten that this return is before tax. So at best 1.66% annual return in 2022 after social security contributions for a fund showing 2%, if we consider that you benefit from the income tax deduction.

Livret A or life insurance: which investment earned you the most interest in 2022?

Euro Funds: 2022 Returns dj unveils

Here is the ranking, which will be updated over the days.

Madder. Number 1 in the charts last year, the fund in euros of the multi-support contract Garance Epargne increases by 2.75% in 2021 2.80% net of management fees paid at the beginning of 2023 for compensation for the year 2022. The mutual is already firmly in first place.

MACSF. Last year, the mutual insurer surprised with a sharp increase in yield, 2.10% in 2021 against 1.55% in 2020. Following the rate hike, the MACSF continues to rise 2.50%.

Matmut. Vie Epargne, the former Matmut contract, managed by a subsidiary of the group, unlike the more recent Complice Vie (managed by BNP Paribas Cardif via AEP), saw its yield rebound sharply, with remuneration of 2.50% paid at the start of 2023 for the year 2022, compared to 1.40% the previous year.

LCL. The bank’s flagship contract, LCL Vie, provides compensation ranging from 2.30% 3.10% on its euro fund for the year 2022, compared to a range of 1.05% to 1.85% the previous year.

gayparous. The association of savers announces a return of 2.20%, against 1.80% last year. The partner insurer Allianz has drawn in part from the reserves (provision for profit sharing, PPB) to achieve this increase.

MIF. The mutual insurer has announced for the first time in 4 years a net increase in remuneration, by 1.70% last year 2.20% for the fund’s 2022 interest in euros.

Milleis Life. The subsidiary of the private bank Milleis announced a return of 2.15%compared to 0.95% in 2021, on the funds in euros for the Epargne vie Milleis, Capi Milleis and Barclays Prestige contracts.

France Mutualist. Yields above 2% on all contracts for the year 2022. The flagship contracts of the mutual insurer (Actpargne 2) go from 1.31% 2.11%. The very particular historical contract Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant (RMC) serves 2.61%.

Mutual Credit. The Crdit Mutuel Alliance Fdrale group, whose subsidiary ACM manages contracts for the entire Crdit Mutuel network, except in Brittany and in the South-West, and CIC contracts, announces an impressive increase of 1 point, 2.10% for the flagship policy, Plan Assurance Vie, in its Essential version, and up to 2.25% in its Privilege version, excluding any compensation bonus.

maif. The fund in euros of the flagship Responsible and Solidarity Life Insurance contract rose very sharply, by 1.30% last year 2.10% for 2022 interest paid at the start of 2023.

Maaf. The mutual insurer increases the rate of return on its euro fund by 0.55% for all its contracts, which increases the remuneration on the flagship contract Winalto 2.05%.

GMF. The net return served on the Euro support of Multo and all GMF contracts is 2.05%against 1.50% last year.

Afer. A hair above the symbolic bar of 2%. After having served a return of 1.70% in 2021, the most emblematic of savings associations has announced a rate for 2022 2.01% on its fund in euros, managed by the insurer Abeille Assurance.

BNP Paribas. Like Crdit Mutuel or Socit Gnrale, the insurer subsidiary BNP Paribas Cardif delivers very markedly higher yields: the base rate goes from 1.10% 2% on the flagship Multiplacements 2 contract, with a rate that can be increased depending on the investment in units of account.

Asac-Faps. The association of savers offers the Epargne Retraite 2 Plus contract, managed by the insurer Allianz Vie. Yield increases by 1.80% in 2021 2% for the year 2022.

Societe Generale. The red and black bank’s flagship contract, Squoia, sees its average yield climb by 0.89 points 1.95%, but beware: this is an average yield and not the base rate, which the life insurance subsidiary Sogcap has not yet disclosed. The overall average return on Sogcap contracts is 2.17%, up 0.81 points over one year.

Credit Agricole. Very strong rise in the base rate served on Predissime 9 series 2, 1.90% against 0.65% the previous year. Knowing that this yield is enhanced according to the share of units of account (UA).

Allianz. The very specific fund in euros of the Allianz Vie Fidlit contract, which rewards medium or long-term investment, serves a minimum rate of 1.73%. But beware, this minimum rate corresponds to a customer who does not benefit from any bonus (no profile or pilot option and no holding of another 100% UC life contract eligible for the Allianz+2022 offer or a PERI) and which has the lowest tranche of outstandings, specifies Allianz. The maximum rate is 3.17% and the average rate served is 2.12%.

Macif. The funds in euros of Multi Vie, the current flagship contract of Macif, but also that of the Livret Vie contract, ex bestsellergo up 1.60%compared to 1.15% and 1% respectively last year for these two media.

The postal bank. Brand new La Poste gondola head, the Cashmere 2 Series 2 contract has a base rate of 1.40%which can be increased by up to 2.80% depending on the share of UC in the contract.

mma. A base rate of 1.40%against 1.20% last year, on MMA’s life insurance funds in euros, but the increase is much more marked for customers who benefit from the performance bonus: 1.80% for customers with more than 20% UC on their contracts, and even 2.15% (against 1.65% maximum last year) for customers with 40% UC.

Beetle. Following information posted on the MoneyVox forum, the Linxea broker, which markets the Linxea Zen gr contract by Apicil, confirms a net rebound in performance on Apicil Euro Garanti: from 0.86% last year, the rate goes up 1.30%. This rate can be increased if the saver invests more heavily in units of account (UA). As for the EuroFlex partial guarantee fund, it yields 1.40% in 2022 as in 2021 and 2022.

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Focus on the contracts of the major banks

Banks Flagship contract Rates 2021 Max bonus 2021 Rates 2022 Max bonus 2022
People’s Bank Horizon 2 0.75% 1.10%
BNP Paribas BNP Paribas Multiinvestments 1.10% 1.65% 2% 2.95%
Savings Bank Millevie Essential 2 0.75%
CIC Essential Life Insurance Plan 1.10% 1.60% 2.10% 2.75%
Credit Agricole Predissime 9 series 2 0.65% 1.45% 1.90% 2.70%
Credit du Nord Antarius Selection 0.90% 1.35%
Mutual Credit Essential Life Insurance Plan 1.10% 1.60% 2.10% 2.75%
Credit Mutuel Arka Navig’Options 0.85% 1.20%
The postal bank Cashmere 2 Series 2 1.40% 2.80%
LCL LCL Life 1.05% 1.85% 2.30% * 3.10% *
Societe Generale Essential Maple and Squoia 0.75% 1.84% 1.95%
(average rate)

Société Générale communicates an average rate, and not a base rate, which makes any comparison impossible with the contracts of other brands.
* Rate for 0.60% management fees, these fees varying according to the contracts.

This table will be updated as announcements are made.

Life insurance: Crdit Mutuel, Banque Postale… astonishing rebounds for 2022 rates

Insurers, associations and mutuals: the main returns

Insurers, mutuals and associations Flagship contract Rates 2021 Bonuses 2021 Rates 2022 Max bonus 2022
Afer Multi-support Afer 1.70% 2.01%
AG2R La Mondiale vivapargne 2 0.76%
Agipi cler 1.10%
Allianz Allianz Life Fidlit 2.43%
* average rate
2.90% 1.73% 3.17%
Asac-Faps Retirement Savings 2 Plus 1.80% 2%
Bee Insurance (formerly Aviva France) Aviva Plural Savings 0.90%
Axa Arpges 0.90% 1.35%
Character Profile 1.40%
CNP Assurances CNP One 0.75% 2.50% 1.20% 3.40%
gayparous Selectissimo 1.80% 2.20%
Madder Garance Savings 2.75% 2.80%
Generali Himalia (AGGV funds) 0.70% 1.40%
GMF Multo 1.50% 2.05%
Groupama & Gan Groupama Modulation 0.90% 1.20%
France Mutualist Actpargne2 1.31% 1.51% 2.11% 2.31%
The conservative Helios Heritage 1.10% 2.60%
Maaf Winalto 1.50% 2.05%
Macif Multi Life 1.15% 1.60%
MACSF RES Multisupport 2.10% 2.50%
maif Responsible and Solidarity life insurance 1.30% 2.10%
MIF Future Free Savings Account 1.70% 2.20%
mma MMA Multi-media 1.20% 1.65% 1.40% 2.15%
Monceau Insurance Dynalife 1.90%
Swiss Life All contracts 0.80% 2.50%

Yields concerning only the classic euro fund, accessible to all, of the insurer’s flagship contract.

The 2022 rates left empty have not yet been communicated by the insurer.

Star funds, bank contracts… what to expect?

Will there be a fund in euros with a return of more than 3% net of management fees for the year 2022? Bone bet … The best bidder, last year, has therefore already been unveiled and Garance has only raised his remuneration by 0.05 points, to 2.80%.

Cyrille Chartier-Kastler, founder of Good value for money and recognized analyst in the life insurance sector, anticipates sharper rebounds for the former bottom of the class. Otherwise, they would risk seeing their remuneration be totally disconnected from the other investment families.

Last year, for the 2021 returns of traditional funds, the fund in euros of the Garance Epargne contract (2.75%) dominated the ranking ahead of the MACSF (2.10%), when the Caisse d’Epargne and its 0, 50% served on several old contracts closed the market.

Comparison of low cost life insurance

(1) Data at the end of 2021. Outstandings amounted to 1,856 billion euros at the end of November 2022 according to France Assureurs.

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