the 10 crazy promotions before the 3rd markdown

The Sales begin their third week tomorrow, and with it comes the time for the third markdown. If you are a follower of these commercial periods, you know like us that e-tailers will once again cut prices on references already offered for fifteen days now.

Our favorite e-merchants have dozens of smartphones in store, at staggering prices that align the tens of euros discount. If you haven’t yet fallen for a new phone, or you simply haven’t had time to shop since the start of the Sales, this is the perfect time to change your phone at the best possible price.

Laptops will also suffer a further significant price drop, both on family and consumer models, as well as on the most powerful configurations for gamers. There are also great promotions on gaming accessories, with discounts sometimes over 50% on a wide selection of items.

Music lovers, this third markdown is finally the opportunity to enjoy high fidelity sound at home, with state-of-the-art speakers, or on the move with significant reductions on wireless headphones and earphones from the biggest brands like JBL, Sony or even Bose.

Connected objects are finally celebrating since the start of the Sales with impressive promotions on robot vacuum cleaners, connected light bulbs and connected speakers. This week the prices will once again drop by a few tens of euros and it would be really stupid not to take advantage of them now.

These categories are just a few examples of the hundreds of products available during this third markdown. The Sale ends in just a few days, and if you want to avoid stockouts, now you know what you have to do. Don’t wait any longer!

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