Terminate your insurance contracts, telephone contracts… in 3 clicks

On August 3, parliamentarians definitively adopted the principle of simplified termination. A measure that will make it much easier to terminate contracts!

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The principle of simplified termination, included in the purchasing power law, was definitively voted by Parliament on August 3rd. It must enter into force, at the latest, in June 2023.

Thus this bill should allow consumers to have the possibility of terminating their contracts much more easily (insurance, telephony, etc.) concluded on the Internet or on mobile applications.

If online platforms offer the possibility of signing a contract in three clicks, now, they will also have the obligation to propose such a simple termination. “
Until now, no provision of general scope governed the terms of online termination
“, Reports the spokesperson for the DGCCRF. ” In some cases, practices were developed by professionals to complicate the termination of contracts, such as the obligation to send a letter, sometimes registered, in order to be able to terminate. »

A fine for non-compliance

The text provides the creation of a “
cancel button
or, at least, of a functionality of the same type, easily accessible by the consumer on the site or application. This device must be visible and clear. And if the termination will not necessarily be effective immediately, it may provide access to a termination form.

In the event of non-compliance by the professional with this new measure, the latter is liable to an administrative fine of up to 15,000 euros for a natural person and 75,000 euros for a legal person.

A decree must now determine the terms of execution of this measure.

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