Teams and Microsoft 365 affected by an outage in North America

IT outage tracking website Downdetector reported thousands of problems accessing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 online apps in the US over a period of hours yesterday.

“We are investigating an issue that is preventing users in North America from accessing Microsoft 365 services”, Microsoft said in a Twitter post on Tuesday afternoon. Outages were particularly high in Boston, New York and Phoenix.

A Downdetector user noted that failing connections to various Azure cloud services appeared to be Verizon/FIOS related.

Microsoft then clarified that the problem was related to an internet hosting provider. “The local ISP has taken steps to reroute connections to an alternative infrastructure and we confirm that the issue is now resolved”Microsoft said a few hours later on Twitter.

An American Microsoft channel partner, interviewed by our colleague from CRN, seems resigned to these regular outages: “Access and outage issues with SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 and Teams are inevitable and will become more frequent. The more you leverage the offsite cloud ecosystem, the more outages you’ll see and the more risk you’ll run as an organization. We are always looking for hybrid alternatives for critical applications. The problem is that there are no longer good cost-effective hybrid (cloud and on-premise) alternatives for Microsoft 365 and Teams”.

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