Tarn: without a license, without insurance and in a drunken state, he drives at 140 km / h to escape the police

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The 31-year-old motorist, residing in Carmaux, was arrested by the Albigensian police on the night of Sunday to Monday. Judged this Tuesday afternoon in immediate appearance, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison, with continued detention.

It was past midnight, on the night of January 22 to 23, when a patrol from the Albi police station came across a motorist, driving suspiciously, going up the Lices Jean-Moulin towards Place Jean-Jaurès , in the city center of the episcopal city.

The man ended up parking in a space reserved for the disabled in front of the night grocery store on Avenue Gambetta, but when the police patrol arrived at the height of the vehicle, they found no one inside. interior.

It was not until around 2 a.m. that the same patrol again crossed the individual’s Peugeot 407, this time driving on boulevard Paul Bodin. The police decide to check it and activate the siren and flashing light. But the motorist does not stop: on the contrary, he accelerates to escape them.

In their report, the police will indicate that the counter of their vehicle reached 80 km / h, approaching the Lude roundabout, while the man was trying to reach the ring road, then 140 km / h. It was thanks to a harrow (stop-stick) placed on the road by a police officer that the driver was finally able to be arrested: the front left tire burst and his car stopped 200 meters away.

According to the police, the man smelled of alcohol. He spoke with difficulty and in a threatening tone. During the check, they also found that his driving license had been canceled and that the vehicle was not insured. The man was placed in a drunk tank and then in police custody at the Albi police station, where he was interviewed early Monday morning.

“I was tired of waiting”

Placed under a warrant of deposit following his referral to the prosecution, the motorist appeared under escort on Tuesday afternoon before the Albi Criminal Court, for driving under the influence of a repeated alcoholic state, without insurance , and for refusing to comply.

At the bar of the court, he says he spent Sunday evening in Albi to eat and drink a few beers. He explains that he “spotted” the police the first time and therefore parked his car until 2 a.m. to “discover”. In the meantime, he went into the grocery store at night to buy some beers.

President Arrial asks him if he admits having accelerated when the police tried to control him the second time. He answers in the affirmative: “Yes, I was tired of waiting, I wanted to go home”.

Regarding the cancellation of his driving license since June 2021, he assures the magistrates that he was not aware: the notice was received at his home while he was at that time … in prison . For the lack of insurance of the vehicle, he indicates to the court that the latter belongs to his brother and that there too he was not aware.

16 criminal convictions

The man, domiciled in Carmaux, is already known to justice. 16 convictions entered in his record since 2007, including several for traffic offences. He was released from prison last July, following a sentence adjustment.

The Albi prosecutor, Stéphanie Bazart, stressed that the defendant “does not question his dangerous behavior” and that he “does not have the will to deal with his alcoholism problem”. His lawyer, Me Bréjaud, believes on the contrary that he was “in the reintegration phase”, having found a job as a delivery driver as soon as he left prison and reduced his alcohol consumption.

The court sentenced him to 12 months in prison with continued detention. A previous reprieve was also partially revoked, up to 4 months.

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