Tarn: the insurance advisor had defrauded family and clients for €155,000

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Between 2015 and 2019, a 59-year-old Castrese, then an insurance advisor, had embezzled money from loyal customers, including relatives, between Revel and Sorèze, to lead the good life. Judged yesterday, she was condemned by the judicial court of Castres.

To listen to his portrait drawn by the victims, they would have given him the good Lord without confession. That was before discovering the unthinkable. “It’s an incredible betrayal. We didn’t see it coming, I would never have suspected anything coming from her, so sparkling, radiant. We all trusted her, ”laments the daughter of one of the 8 victims, at the helm of the Castres court, Tuesday, February 22.

In Revel and Sorèze, between 2015 and 2019, an insurance advisor misappropriated approximately €155,000 for personal use from the wallets of loyal customers, initially intended for financial investments.

A “betrayal” even in the family circle. In the middle of a divorce, her ex-husband takes over his accounts and discovers with amazement the pot of roses: checks to his order signed by his ex-wife, including some from his sister and brother for several thousand euros.

Warned, the gendarmes carry out their investigation and end up stopping the scam of the Castrese adviser, installed in Revel. Before the magistrates, she will justify the embezzlement to support her lifestyle, despite a monthly salary of around €4,500: “I was caught in a spiral, it was the easy solution”, she said. clarified, while hammering that the sums paid by her ex-family were “donations” and that her ex-husband was “aware of everything”.

Each time, always the same modus operandi: the adviser takes advantage of a bad pass of the customers to embark them in the unhealthy scheme.

Lack of empathy, no excuses

In the room, the victims or their representatives have little taste for the arguments of the defendant, and this mania for regularly blaming others, without paying the slightest excuse.

“An absence of empathy which bothers and surprises” for the prosecution. “I esteemed him very much. I had just lost my husband, it’s shameful”, testifies an old lady cheated, supported by another: “We almost have the impression today that he is a victim. »

For one of the lawyers for the civil parties: “She led the high way of life on the backs of her friends, her family. It’s unbearable, it’s the most filthy dishonesty possible! “The defense lawyer will answer after a long argument that what her client wanted, “is to access what she did not have socially”, in front of the tears of the defendant.

The court sentenced La Castraise to 18 months in prison, suspended on probation for two years.

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