How Elon Musk conquered space with SpaceX

The topic of the day. Twenty years ago, Elon Musk set himself a major challenge: that of aerospace conquest. If the beginnings of his private company SpaceX were difficult, this tech boss, who became a multi-billionaire after notably reselling PayPal to EBay, quickly established himself as a key player in space. “SpaceX’s goal is to … Read more

Microsoft warns about its Q3 sales in a…

SAN FRANCISCO (Agefi-Dow Jones)–Microsoft warned Tuesday evening that its activity would be less buoyant than expected between January and March, after having managed to exceed expectations in the “cloud” in the second quarter of its staggered financial year. The turnover for the current quarter could be more than a billion dollars lower than Wall Street … Read more

Microsoft outage: gradual return to normal

Nearly 3 hours after the first reports, Microsoft said on Twitter that it had “reverted” a recent configuration update that caused the problem, according to the company. “We are monitoring the return to normal of all services, and some customers are reporting an attenuation” disturbances, wrote the group shortly before 11:00 GMT (12:00 in Paris). … Read more

Microsoft invests several billion more dollars in the creator of ChatGPT

Microsoft had already invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, and another $2 billion in 2021. SAUL LOEB / AFP The tech group is strengthening its partnership with OpenAI, whose artificial intelligence tools will integrate Microsoft products. Microsoft believes in OpenAI more than ever. The tech group announced on Monday that it has invested “several … Read more

JBL wireless headphones at a bargain price

Do you want to enjoy music during your sport or use your phone remotely? These wireless headphones, from the JBL brand, are at a reduced price on Amazon. They are indeed available at 49.99 € instead of 119 €. Click here to take advantage of the offer Introducing the JBL Bluetooth Wireless Headphones These wire … Read more

Microsoft could cut up to 10,000 jobs

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted on 01/18/2023 at 02:01, Update on 01/18/2023 at 06:19 Microsoft is due to release its quarterly results on January 24. Its turnover is expected to increase by only 2.7% over one year. Mike Segar/REUTERS This represents 5% of the workforce of the IT company, which has some 220,000 employees. … Read more

SpaceX has just launched the first French solar sail into space

The space year 2023 starts with a bang! SpaceX’s Transporter 6 Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral today and sent over 110 satellites into space at once! Among them, the French: there is a satellite from the maritime surveillance fleet of the Breton start-up UnseenLabs, and especially the demonstration nanosatellite Gama Alpha. Gama … Read more

OpenAI, Elon Musk, Microsoft… Who is behind the artificial intelligence phenomenon?

Difficult to miss ChatGPT at the beginning of the year. Accessible to the public since the end of November, this stunning computer program has introduced the greatest number of people to the latest advances in so-called generative artificial intelligence through its ability to search, sort, structure and present original answers in a few seconds, consistent … Read more