Annuity or capital for life insurance?

Very popular for its mode of operation as well as its tax advantages, life insurance allows two modes of exit at the time of retirement: the life annuity or the exit in capital. Here is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two solutions. Annuity or capital for life insurance?-iStock-Inside … Read more

Amazon broke the law in its anti-union campaign, judge rules

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 1 hour ago, Update 1 hour ago The company then indicated its intention to appeal. BRENDAN MCDERMID / REUTERS Representatives of the company had indeed illegally suggested, in the event of prolonged negotiations, that unionized employees would see their wages frozen while non-unionized would receive raises. A judge from … Read more

Home insurance deductible: how do you know if your amount is appropriate?

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock – Home Insurance Franchise) Fixing the home insurance deductible can become a tricky subject that should be dealt with as soon as you take out your contract in order to avoid any disappointment. Indeed, this threshold will depend on your amount of compensation, and therefore of reimbursement in the event of … Read more

Life and unit-linked insurance: the duty to inform about possible capital loss

(Photo credits: 123RF) Mrs. C invests 50,000 euros in her life insurance, on a single support in units of account. Later, when she believed the guaranteed capital, she finds that the value only amounts to 39,139 euros. Believing to have been misinformed, she assigns her bank. Facts In 2007, Mrs. C subscribed to a life … Read more

Microsoft: analysts revise their objectives – 01/26/2023 at 14:51

( – Microsoft on Tuesday evening unveiled adjusted EPS (non-GAAP) down 6% to $2.32 for its second quarter 2022-23, as well as adjusted operating profit down by 3% to 21.6 billion. The software giant saw its revenues increase by 2% to 52.7 billion dollars (+7% at constant exchange rates), driven by its cloud activities whose … Read more

Microsoft: Wedbush remains positive after results – 01/25/2023 at 15:15

This analysis was prepared by Cercle Finance and published by BOURSORAMA on 01/25/2023 at 3:15:00 p.m. Acting exclusively as a distribution channel, BOURSORAMA has not participated in any way in its development or exercised any discretionary power with regard to its selection. The information contained in this analysis has been transcribed “as is”, without representation … Read more

AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine: experts and committed!

Created in 1957, AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine is a network of more than 1,550 general insurance agents specializing in social protection and assets and present throughout France. An independent professional and exclusive AXA agent, the AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general insurance agent specializes in individual and collective personal insurance to protect clients in matters of … Read more

Where to invest in 2023 with life insurance?

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock – ) Life insurance remains one of the favorite investments of the French, and rightly so! Indeed, this Swiss knife of savings makes it possible to invest in a large number of markets, to place part of one’s capital in a secure investment (the euro fund) and another in riskier but … Read more

Elon Musk supports Emmanuel Macron

By Le Figaro Published 1 hour ago, Update 52 minutes ago Elon Musk highlights the increasing life expectancy in France. ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS “Macron is doing a difficult, but fair thing,” said the boss of Twitter on his social network. An unexpected supporter of pension reform. Elon Musk supported the government and Emmanuel Macron on Friday … Read more

SpaceX pushes all the boundaries of space

SpaceX’s Starship has been chosen by NASA as the lunar lander for its Artemis 3 mission and an upgraded version has already been ordered for the future Artemis 4 mission. Press service DECRYPTION – Elon Musk’s company, which plans 100 launches in 2023, dominates the market for orbital flights thanks to the Falcon 9 rocket … Read more