Compensation for natural disasters in danger

By Daniele Guinot Posted 2 minutes ago, Update 2 minutes ago In forty years, the natural disaster cover scheme has compensated nearly 3.3 million claims representing 44 billion euros. roberjzm – ANALYSIS – Faced with the proliferation of hazards, the premium levied on insurance contracts could be reassessed. Global warming is a long-term threat … Read more

Stok launches its first eligible DDA training course for insurance brokers and intermediaries (by RiskAssur published by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Stoïk launches its first DDA-eligible training course for insurance brokers and intermediaries Article read 1113 times, since its publication on 01/31/2023 at 13:23:20 (length: 4833 characters) Stoïk, an underwriting agency specializing in cyber risk in Europe, has created the “Understanding & insuring cyber risk” training course for all insurance brokers and … Read more

Insurers weather economic instability in 2022

31.01.2023 – 10:28 SVV Schweiz. Versicherungsverband Zurich (ots) According to ASA estimates, private insurers recorded moderate growth in their premium volume in 2022, thus consolidating their stability during an economically tense year. The non-life insurance business in particular recorded good growth with an increase of 3 percent. The volume of premiums in life business remained … Read more

Real estate loan and borrower insurance (by RiskAssur published by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Home loan and borrower insurance Article read 477 times, since its publication on 01/31/2023 at 07:47:59 (length: 2681 characters) What is borrower insurance? Borrower insurance is compulsory insurance for any mortgage and for a long time the question of where to insure your loan did not arise, the insurance offered by … Read more

And now, tailor-made insurance for telework

By Daniele Guinot Published on 01/11/2023 at 6:57 p.m., Update on 01/11/2023 at 6:57 p.m. All domestic accidents are not always considered work accidents. Andrey Popov/Andrey Popov – This insurance responds to the challenge of the increase in time spent at home, which leads to a sharp increase in domestic accidents. Are we well … Read more

How to guarantee your life insurance to protect your beneficiaries?

When the floor guarantee is mandatory, its cost depends on the contract. Oleksandr Kondriianenko/brizmaker – OUR ADVICE – The floor guarantee offered in 90% of contracts is underwritten. Nearly 90% of life insurance contracts offer a floor guarantee, optional or included automatically in the contract. However, this is rarely taken out by policyholders when … Read more

Wizyoo Courtage becomes DeFI Assurance (by RiskAssur edited by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Wizyoo Brokerage becomes CHALLENGE Insurance Article read 742 times, since its publication on 01/26/2023 at 15:59:12 (length: 3726 characters) The insurtech Wizyoo Courtage becomes DÉFI Assurance and announces new ambitions. DÉFI Assurance offers an insurance offer for SMEs/ETIs and tailor-made support to compare extra-financial criteria in the insurance sector. DÉFI Assurance … Read more

first strike at Amazon in the UK

Hundreds of Amazon workers walk out on Wednesday at an American giant warehouse in Coventry, central England, to demand better wages, a first for the company in the United Kingdom. “Hundreds of Amazon workers go on strike today in Coventry, more than 98% of them support the social movement“, tweeted the GMB union, with a … Read more

Towards better consumer protection in affinity insurance

Second layer on affinity insurance. The Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF), a consultation body that proposes measures to improve relations between financial institutions and their customers, unanimously adopted an opinion to “better inform and better protect” customers. Distributors of affinity insurance, insurance contracts taken out in addition to the purchase of a good or service … Read more

AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine: experts and committed!

Created in 1957, AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine is a network of more than 1,550 general insurance agents specializing in social protection and assets and present throughout France. An independent professional and exclusive AXA agent, the AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general insurance agent specializes in individual and collective personal insurance to protect clients in matters of … Read more