Europe could turn to SpaceX to replace Russian rockets

by Tim Hepher and Joey Roulette PARIS (Reuters) – The European Space Agency (ESA) has started preliminary technical discussions with SpaceX, the company of billionaire Elon Musk, which could lead to the temporary use of its launchers after the war in Ukraine blocked the Western access to Russian Soyuz rockets. Arianespace’s US competitor is along … Read more

SpaceX wants to put very high speed in planes

SpaceX has just announced the launch of its satellite Internet service for aircraft with a speed of up to 350 Mbps. From next year, the first travelers will be able to make video calls from the air. Not so long ago, a plane flight meant complete disconnection from the Internet for a couple of hours. … Read more

How Elon Musk conquered space with SpaceX

The topic of the day. Twenty years ago, Elon Musk set himself a major challenge: that of aerospace conquest. If the beginnings of his private company SpaceX were difficult, this tech boss, who became a multi-billionaire after notably reselling PayPal to EBay, quickly established himself as a key player in space. “SpaceX’s goal is to … Read more

Elon Musk, Twitter and India: variable geometry freedom of expression

Published on : 01/27/2023 – 19:21 From ChatGPT to Twitter via Meta, each platform reflects a vision of the world, most of the time defended by a moderation policy. From there to being tempted by censorship? Illustration with a documentary prohibited from referencing in India. It is a documentary produced by the BBC, on an … Read more

look at the huge and impressive Starship assembled on its launch pad

Here we go again for a full Starship! For the first time, copy 24 of the Starship has been assembled with demonstration booster No. 7. They will undergo tests together, in preparation for a flight attempt which will come later, with these two elements. On the night of October 11 to 12, the demonstratordemonstrator SN … Read more

Nearly 100 active Starlink internet terminals in Iran, according to Elon Musk

Nearly a hundred Internet terminals from the Starlink network are active in Iran, SpaceX boss Elon Musk said on Monday. The American billionaire had promised in September to deploy the Starlink satellite network in Iran at a time when the Iranian authorities are increasingly restricting access to the internet. “Soon 100 active Starlinks in Iran,” … Read more

Elon Musk announces a new, more expensive subscription to hide ads on Twitter

Elon Musk announces a new, more expensive subscription to hide ads on Twitter The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced on Saturday January 21, in a series of messages on his social network, that the latter will soon offer a “more expensive subscription which will allow you to no longer have advertising“. >> Berlin calls … Read more